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Erik Van Roon

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About Erik:


Erik van Roon is a Senior Oracle Developer who has worked with Oracle technology since 1995. Since 2009 he is self-employed. His company is called EvROCS. Prior to that he has worked for several consulting companies in the Netherlands. He has worked on major projects for several clients in industries like entertainment, banking and energy, working with the 'classic' Oracle tools Designer, Forms, Reports, as well as SQL and PLSQL. Erik has been the technical lead of multiple successful data migration projects, moving and transforming large amounts of data.


Erik originally worked in laboratories as an analyst in the fields of microbiology and biochemistry,  but retrained as an Oracle developer in 1995, due to a car accident which made it impossible to continue his earlier career. Erik didn't like the car accident, but is very happy with the change in career.  To overcome the lack of a computer science background, Erik worked hard to deepen his knowledge, through conferences, training and most importantly learning from others with more experience.


That approach helped him a lot, so now he likes to try to help people as much as possible, and has focused on LinkedIn, as can be seen from these conversations:

  Finally, Erik is working with Kim Berg Hansen to explore setting up a European version of ODTUG's Kscope:



OTN Community Name:   Erik Van Roon


Twitter:  @evrocs_nl



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