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Roger Troller

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About Roger:


Roger Troller has been working with Oracle Database since 1990, and with PL/SQL from when it was first available in SQL*Forms 3.0.


In 1993, he moved to Basel and started working for Manor AG. The company was migrating its merchandise management system from SQL*Forms 3.0 (host-based) to Oracle Forms 4.5 (client/server). Roger assisted the developers in this process, setting up standards and guidelines for the development and the development process, as well as building a library (PL/SQL) to be used by all developers.


In 1997, Roger joined Trivadis as a Consultant for Oracle-based software development and he has been there ever since, working for customers in many different fields, including transportation, commerce, pharma, banking, government, and insurance.


Shortly after joining Trivadis, Roger started training (and soon became lead trainer) on SQL and PL/SQL (from beginner to advanced) within the Trivadis Training organization. He has also written courseware and done training on SQL Developer. Along the way, he authored the Trivadis SQL & PL/SQL Coding Guidelines.


Rather than simply keep all of his knowledge and experience inside Trivadis, Roger published the Guidelines on the Toad World PL/SQL page (



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