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Adrian Billington

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About Adrian:


Adrian Billington is an Oracle ACE and a member of the OakTable Network. He is a co-author of Expert PL/SQL Practices and also contributed a section on pipelined table functions to Steven Feuerstein's Oracle PL/SQL Programming (his contribution is re-printed here courtesy of O'Reilly Media).


Adrian's primary contribution to the Oracle Database community generally, and PL/SQL developers specifically, is the website.


It started life as a small on-line repository of scripts and new feature demonstrations called Adrian's Oracle Pages. Since then it has grown into an essential resource for working with Oracle Database, containing detailed articles on SQL, PL/SQL and database features spanning Oracle 8i through Oracle Database 11g, as well as a number of popular tools and utilities free for the community to use.


While Adrian's work and family life have not given him time to update to include Oracle Database 12c features, it remains an extremely popular site, with over 30,000 unique visitors each month and close to a half-million page views in 2015 (so far).



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