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'Erase' discussions

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Hello everyone.


I am new at this community, but i already gained a lot of experience with the discussions posted about Jdev.


However, and the same applies to the Internet, there is no triage, no selection about what is available to search for.


My point is:

Is there any moderator in these forums/communities that could 'erase' the discussions that return nothing?

For example, when someone new comes to search for a problem resolution he gets faced with a lot of posts, but there are a lot of them wich are not mark as helpful nor correct. Why don´t these posts get 'erased' as they are garbage, because they don´t help? There are cases where they haven´t got any reply whatsoever for years, or get ridiculous like this: How to convert String to Integer?, which i stumbled searching for conversions.


This is just my opinion that it would be cleaner and more fast to get to the correct answer.

Instead of getting a lot of links (some with lots of years and got no replies) and only one is good (which normaly is the last we check).


What do you think about?


P.S. - I am posting this as an idea, but don´t know what is the final treatment of ideias. What happens if this get voted in favour(like i said: i´m new)? Does someone implement it? And what happens if voted down? Are they just to speek out loud, and no more?






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