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Complete re-design of the event module

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We have over 3,000 world-wide events (physical and on-line) a year which require a campaign for each.  A campaign can consist of registration landing page, confirmation page, registration form, invite email, re-invite email, reminder email, and post event email.  All the assets typical contain the same information; event title, date, location, sessions, etc...This information needs to be added on each assets every time which is an extremely manual process.  There is no one repository to store and have all the other assets reference it.  This is available in the event module, but setting up an event in the event module is an even more time consuming process than straight campaigns.  There is a lot of other functionality available in the event module, like managing cancellations and capping off registration thresholds, etc...  The event module is just not scalable for the volume of events we have.


Having the event module completely re-built and re-designed with these requirements in mind would be a huge win for us. 


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