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Enhanced Query String Management

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I would love to see Eloqua become the system of record that unites/standardizes campaign tracking code data between all marketing tech. Campaign tracking codes / Query strings are always a hard concept for broader marketing team to understand / use with consistency, and I'd be ecstatic if Eloqua could help with this. Here are some of the features I'd like to see:

  • Simple interface for generating URLs with query strings that collects additional layers of metadata (could repurpose campaign fields, most likely) to synchronize with other systems (ie: Omniture, Google Analytics, media planning tools, social media link shortening); similar to Google Analytics URL builder, but with ability to standardize picklist options for the variables
  • Ability to select which platforms the query strings need to be generated for - which might be a single platform, or several - need a single method for building query string URLs for any/all tools (ie: Omniture, Google Analytics and/or Eloqua)
  • Automatic API push to the other platforms so data is consistent everywhere


There's a company called TMMData that essentially solves the problem I'm referring to, so you might look to them for more background or potential partnership.


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