Latest Enhancements for Reporting & Analytics 20.1

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Oracle Food and Beverage is pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Back Office 20.1!

This release of Enterprise Back Office is not just an incremental feature release. It is a complete rewrite and re-imagination of our cloud reporting solution. While the solution still solves the same problems that a store manager, regional manager, owner, operator, IT, or finance role in an F&B organization have, it does it now more intuitive and faster than ever before. Newly introduced features allow users to interact with data in more visual ways, extend the core report set with customized reports, and integrate to the cloud in a full self-service manner.

A lot of efforts have been spent on achieving the two major goals for this release:

·        Create a new operational reporting solution that is engineered and architected for the cloud, with a modern and fresh look, easy and intuitive to use, and performant

·        Create a flexible and self-service solution to access F&B data in the cloud

The user interface and overall navigation, simplification of system administration tasks, new modules to create your own customized reports and exports, backend performance and technology upgrades and improvements, as well as several new features in the reporting engine which are being introduced in 60+ redesigned and new reports are the major areas of change in this release. Ultimately all enhancements implemented come down to providing a greatly improved user experience!

Opportunities to learn more:

·        Would you like to review a list of changes in this release? Navigate to our documentation portal to learn what’s new now!

·        Do you want to learn how to use the new features? Check out the Enterprise Back Office 20.1 User Guide for useful tutorials!

·        Would you like to tour the new release? Check out the Quick Tour now!

Please check this thread periodically, as we intend to update it with information on future releases related to Enterprise Back Office 20.1.

Thank you!

Oracle Food and Beverage Team