What are the Simphony Open Check Status Indicators ?

What are the Simphony Open Check Status Indicators ?


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  • Simphony Open Check Status Indicators (Doc ID 2497727.1)

    Q: What is check color \ status indicators: GREEN, YELLOW, RED and BLUE?

    A: The following indicators provide information about communications with the workstations and which workstation owns the check.


    When the status indicator is GREEN, this means the workstation can communicate with the workstation that owns the check OR the workstation, where the check is being viewed, is the check owner.

    • If the workstation, where the check is being viewed, is off the network, all checks owned by it, will be green.


    When the status indicator is YELLOW, the check is open/in use on another workstation in the RVC.

    When the status indicator is RED, the check is owned by a workstation that is offline. For example, a check shows RED could be because the workstation that owns this check has been turned off.

    When the status indicator is BLUE, it means that check information is coming directly from CAPS. There could be several reasons: check was opened by Table Management Guest Connection / the owning workstation has been off for more than 5 minutes / check information is only available in CAPS, and the owning workstation is offline.

    • If the user tries to pick up a check with a YELLOW / RED / BLUE indicator, the user is prompted with "Check is open on other workstation <Workstation Name> Override? YES / NO"
    • Pressing YES will allow the user to override the check. Depending on the Employee user privileges Authorization to process the override may be required.
    • Pressing NO will cancel the override and return the user to the previous screen.
    • It is NOT recommended to override checks open on the system as it may result in out-of-balance reports and have other adverse effects on the system.

    Note: Also, if the Open Check SLU has been scrolled to a different page on one workstation, and one of the checks from that screen is picked up and closed on another workstation, the check will appear greyed-out on the first workstation. It will not disappear from the SLU until the page is refreshed (by scrolling or leaving and returning). The check cannot be picked up in this state.

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