Enterprise - Simphony 18.2.9 - SQLDB Maintenance, Workstation Maintenance, and EMC Maintenance

First off, thank you for hosting this community of User and Educators for Simphony!

I am running in to issues with a 27 property enterprise, some properties hosting only 1 venue, others hosting over 40 venues. Not the biggest out there but I am having to be a 1 person army for supporting it.

I've tried searching for documentation on multiple occasions for the topics in the subject above and sometimes I will find what I need but not in the case of Micros POS Workstations (310's, 610's. 620's, 720's, and possibly soon... "Self Serve Kiosks") maintenance tasks.

I believe my most pressing matter is reflected in EMC - Enterprise Level - Tasks Tab - Device Information option.

In this location I have 1 item of concern.

  • Security - Database Max. Login Ok? (90%+ of our 556 workstations show) NO.... SQL Standard Licensing for that many workstations/service hosts is not realistic. When I started seeing these pop up I reached out to a DBA at my company and he explained that SQL Express does not have maintenance tools that do scheduled db clean up work. This circles back to my need for documentation on ways to manually maintain POS Workstations local db, CAPS db, and other ServiceHosts dbs such as the KDS controller db.

Secondary Location of concern is located at on the Enterprise level > Setup Tab > Parameters Column, Enterprise Parameters button > Login Tab... to understand my concern first select the "Security Tab".

  • Looking at the layout of this Security Page you will see Security, Admin, and Database is lumped under a single Security Tab. Navigating now to the Login Tab, you will see an "Options" field in the lower left hand side. Within these are options I have 4 selections.
  • Maximum Allowed Failed Logins - With the Security Tab identifying Security, Admin, and Database credentials in the same tab, I presume the login tab likewise implies User, Admin, and Database. This in itself is a security risk. Leading to searching for documentation on confirm or correcting my presumption that this location is for Database failed login attempts of just user failed login attempts. User's should maintain a low maximum attempt such as 3-6 but SQLExpress on workstations is recommended to be a minimum of 8 attempts but as much as 12 is using a On Chip OS configuration (I believe around 100 of my units are Windows 8.1 Embedded... On Chip OS).
  • Finally a concern from IT Security - It seems workstations are CAL'ed with a local user and Windows autologin. It is very important that these workstations can perform the same ServiceHost auto startup on login with a Domain User instead of local users. This allows for better security management. I have not been able to find any information on if this is possible or how to go about if it is a possibility.

Thanks for reading and any help is appreciated here. I've working going back and forth for 15 months with Oracle Support, Sales, Consulting, Project Managers... Can't seem to find what I'm needing.



  • Hi Nicholas,

    The most complete guide I can find is here https ://docs.oracle.com/cd/E66669_01/doc.28/e66799.pdf

    Section 15 - Maintaining the database

    Section 19 - Auditing

    Section 26 - Log file Management

    Regarding joining the workstations to the domain, I am not familiar with it, but I know a big hotel chain that does it and it works. Unfortunately, I can't find anything online that could help you.

    I have also found the security guide for installation, here I can see that the suggested architecture would be to have the application servers / CAPS on a DMZ to allow traffic only from the workstations. This is how I have been doing it in the past. Also making sure that the POS terminals don't have internet access.

    More details in the link below:

    https ://docs.oracle.com/cd/F14820_01/doc.191/f15062/toc.htm (I had to add one space in the link as I can't post links yet......)

    Best regards,