Tip Tracking - How to move Credit Card Tips from One Employee to Another

Product = Simphony 19.4

Configuration Section = Tip Tracking on UWS

Reference = Simphony 19.4 Configuration Guide, Section = "Declaring Tips"

Question: We have setup Tip Tracking Buttons to "Tip Out" employees. However, when doing so it adds tips to the "Indirect Tips". This is not what we are looking for as this simply adds tips to an employee.

Although the configuration document states Tip Tracking allows users to "Claim tips from other employees" it does not move Charged Credit Card Tips.

Instead, we are looking for a function that actually allows an employee signed into a UWS "move" their "Charged tips" from one employee to another.

Please help us understand how we can move charged credit card tips on the Tip Reports so we can allocate tips correctly among our employees.