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Building a pharmacovigilance community: innovation through collaboration

Meet the Expert From automation advancements to new regulations, the pharmacovigilance landscape is always evolving.



Building a pharmacovigilance community: innovation through collaboration

Robert Kelle-Oracle
edited Nov 3, 2023 4:28PM in Industry Pulse

Meet the Expert

From automation advancements to new regulations, the pharmacovigilance landscape is always evolving. These changes are the focus of Robert Kelle, Senior Director of Safety Strategy, who tackles the future of pharmacovigilance by bringing together industry experts today.

Meet Robert Kelle and learn how he advances drug safety innovation through collaboration.

With more than 26 years of technology industry experience, Kelle uses both online and face-to-face opportunities to build the Oracle safety community. His background as a CIO and technology consultant supports his management of broad thought leadership topics as well as specific product strategy discussions.

Collaboration within the Safety Consortium

Founded in 2019, the Oracle Safety Consortium is the official community for Argus, Empirica, and Safety One and a framework for Oracle to collaborate with both customers and non-customers.

As head of the consortium, Kelle fosters dialogue through online exchanges, such as General Assembly meetings – monthly forums on the latest topics in pharmacovigilance, as well as Oracle’s product strategy and roadmap updates.

For deeper dives into key topics, working groups are led by safety experts, such as product management directors Una Kessi, who runs the Regulatory and Audits Working Group, and Robert Weber, who runs the Signal Detection and Management Working Group.

 Advancing pharmacovigilance at Safety Innovation Summits

While virtual forums are convenient ways to stay on the pulse of safety, nothing beats face-to-face collaboration. To meet this need, the consortium hosts biannual Safety Innovation Summits – where leaders in pharmacovigilance come together in-person to drive innovation forward.

At European and North American sites, the summits provide an opportunity for pharmacovigilance professionals to network with peers while learning the latest on safety through panels, presentations, workshops, and more.

 Safety Innovation Summit North America 2024

On February 8th and 9th, the 2024 Safety Innovation Summit North America will be held in Reston, VA at the Oracle campus.

This summit will cover topics such as AI in safety, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for life sciences, Oracle product strategy and roadmaps, and new safety regulatory requirements on the global scale.

Event details

·     Who: All pharmacovigilance and safety professionals, including VPs and QPPVs of safety, case processing specialists, safety evaluators, safety IT professionals, safety managers, Oracle customers and non-customers

·     When: Feb. 8th and 9th, 2024

·     Where: Oracle Reston office, in-person only

·     Admission: FREE with registration approval

Register your interest in attending at Oracle Safety Consortium Innovation Summit - North America.

To learn more about the Safety Consortium, visit Oracle Safety Consortium.


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