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    Callback function is called with sys user context.

      1. Create AQ Queue table
      2. Create AQ Queue "MyQueue"
      3. Start Queue "MyQueue"
      4. Register "Subscriber1"
      5. Register "MyQueue"."Subscriber1" with Notification URL : PLSQL:\\Mypackage.SP_Callback

      Till here everything is fine...

      6. Enqueue message into "MyQueue" with "Subscriber1" as recipient.
      7. Now AQ notification is fired and as a result Its calling "Mypackage.SP_Callback".

      Here the problem is "Mypackage.SP_Callback" is called from SYS user context. i.e if i capture the dbuser its "SYS" who is invoking the AQ notification call back method, "Mypackage.SP_Callback".

      Do i have any settings so that "Mypackage.SP_Callback" is called with a specific user account instead of "SYS".

      Please help me...

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