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    Accessing an EJB 3.0 Enterprise Bean and Node Manager

      Hi to all

      I have got a problem in using Local(Remote) EJB Interface in Weblogic. I use Node Manager.
      I have two servers:

      1. AdminServer (working on port 7001)
      2. Server1 (working on port 7003 under node manager control)

      I have one EAR application file. This file contains jars with ejb 3.0. One jar called jarnumber1.jar is deployed on AdminServer. Second jar called jarnumber2.jar id deployed on Server1.
      jarnumber1.jar constains EJBBean1 class.
      jarnumber2.jar constains EJBBean2 class.

      I want call EJBBean2 from EJBBean1 but I can't. I got exception 'NamingException'.
      Example source code:
      @Stateless(mappedName = "EJBBean1")
      public class EJBBean1implements EJBBean1Remote {

      @EJB private EJBBean2Remote eJBBean2Remote ; //injection doesn't work

      I also tried method described here: http://middlewaremagic.com/weblogic/?p=5665 but it doesn't work.

      AminServer has own JNDI Tree and Server1 has own JNDI Tree. It's seems to be that EJBBean1 can't see EJBBean2 from second JDNI tree.

      Pleas help me.
      With Regards,