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    Applying patches included with studio always legal ?

      When upgrading to 12.2 there was some patches that needed to be applied to compile and target systems.

      When I asked for the patces to be applied on the target systems I was told that we could not do that because we do not have a maintenance contract.
      (our suits are not able to agree with oracles suits)
      My interpretation is that we are allowed tto apply these patches since they follow the free compiler. But I am not sure.

      Anybody knows ?
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          Studio 12.2 includes some Solaris patches that are required for using Studio 12.2.
          Their use is governed by the license for Studio 12.2, and you don't need a support contract with Oracle to install them.

          Other patches can be acquired only from MOS (My Oracle Support), and you have to have a support contract to get them.

          If you still have questions, you should take them up with your company's legal department.