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    Facing issues with Oracle11i and SOA 10g integration using Business events.

      Hi ,

      I have created a custom business event and have added subscription for the same.
      When i am triggering a business event, event is raised and the event data is getting inserted in the Queue (AQ).

      In SOA i have created an OracleApps adapter that is listening to the queue ,
      but the Oracleapps adapter is not getting started even though there are data in the queue.

      I checked the WSDL file of Oracleapps adapter and there i can see there is field Consumer with some code.

      I have added the code snippet from Oracleapps adapter wsdl.

      <pc:inbound_binding />
      <operation name="DEQUEUE">
      MessageSelectorRule="tab.user_data.event_name = &apos;xxc.oracle.apps.soa.demo&apos;" >

      I have checked the connection factory set up at loaction (application-deployments\default\AppsAdapter/oc4j-ra.xml)too and found it is correct.
      code snippet from oc4j-ra.xml:-

           <connector-factory location="eis/Apps/Apps" connector-name="AppsAdapter">
                <config-property name="xADataSourceName" value="jdbc/EBSDataSource"/>
                <config-property name="dataSourceName" value=""/>
                <connection-pooling use="none">
                <security-config use="none">

      Can anyone tell me where consumer for an event/queue is being defined in the Oracle apps.

      Thanks & Regards
      Saurav Kumar