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    using cursor for update release 11gR2-problem

      Hi experts,

      a peace of source working without any problems under Oracle 9i, 10g is not functional under 11gR2
      ( OS is Windows7, 64 bit, Oracle 11gR2 64 bit installed) :
      declare cursor c1(l_id in number) is
      select   k.aukonto_id
               , nvl(kab.kontoabschluss_id, 0) as abs_id
               , k.saldo, nvl(kab.saldo, 0) as anf_saldo
               , k.waehrung_code
               , kab.ka_datum as datum
               , fau.is_ertraegnis_gew as is_ftyp 
      from             a_unterkonto         k 
              left join aukonto_abschluss kab 
                     on       k.aukonto_id = kab.aukonto_id 
                         and kab.status = -1 
              left join read_finanz_aukonten_vw fau 
                     on k.aukonto_id = fau.aukonto_id 
      where       k.akonto_id = l_id 
                and (    kab.ka_datum =  
                                                   ( select max(aua.ka_datum) from aukonto_abschluss aua
                                                     where aua.aukonto_id = k.aukonto_id )    
                        or kab.ka_datum is null      
                    for update of k.saldo
      when running under 11gR2 I get the following message:
      ORA-00918 column ambiguously defined
      which is not true. If I remove "for update of k.saldo" phrase, I get no error.
      Under 9i and 10 it works as designed.

      Any help is appreciated