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    Weblogic JMS Queue - Priority

      Hi all,
      I am using WebLogic Server Version: in a clustered environment.
      I am using a Uniform Distributed Queue. I have been investigating enqueueing a large number of messages and trying to get them to be dequeued in order of priority.
      I have successfully set the JMSPriority property in the messages and when I view the messages in the weblogic console I can see the priority.
      My composite to Dequeue uses the Oracle JMS Adapter and I have configured it as a singleton. However I have found that it processes my messages in the order they are enqueued not the priority order.
      Reading through the docs I found the following: ‘Currently, WebLogic JMS does not honor message priority.’ (http://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/lehre/WS00/SWT/BEA/documentation/docs51/classdocs/API_jms.html)
      This is documentation for 5.1. Does weblogic server support priorities and if so can anyone point me at documentation?
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          By default, the messages in a queue are in FIFO order, even if the messages have a different priority. In order to for the messages to be sorted by their priority, you need to set a sorting key on the destination.

          For details, please refer to
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            Thanks for your response. On re inspection of the screen I can see the Destination Key boxes. There are two list boxes with arrows to push items from Destination Keys Available to Destination Keys Chosen. The problem is that there are no items in the list boxes.
            I found out I needed to create a new resource called a destination sort key and then I had an item in the box to select! It’s all working now – thanks for your help.