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    purge dba_recyclebin - ORA-600 - [ktcdso-1 ]... to upgrade or not?

      I am looking to upgrade a test database from ->

      When I do a 'purge dba_recyclebin', I get:
      TEST: SYS AS SYSDBA> purge dba_recyclebin;
      purge dba_recyclebin
      ERROR at line 1:
      ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [ktcdso-1], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
      This is a known bug , and is fixed in The 21 objects in the recycle bin are all WRH$ objects.

      I have purged these manually by doing a "purge table BIN$......"; command so now there are none left.

      If I now do a 'show recyclebin' (I am / a sysdba), I see no objects, but if I run the 'purge dba_recyclebin', I still get the same ORA-600 error.

      After this, I ran the utlu112i.sql and see that outputs the following warning:
      Miscellaneous Warnings
      WARNING: --> Your recycle bin contains 834 object(s).
      .... It is REQUIRED that the recycle bin is empty prior to upgrading
      .... your database.  The command:
      .... must be executed immediately prior to executing your upgrade.
      When I check dba_objects, I see no invalid objects, and dba_tables shows no tables with a BIN$ prefix.

      I have also downloaded the latest utlu112i.sql (build 3) from MOS, and get the same warning.

      Do I:
      a) Upgrade the database - knowing dba_objects, dba_tables, show recyclebin look okay
      b) Raise with Oracle Support - given ORA-600 still occurs, and utlu112i.sql shows issues.

      My gut feel is that the database is okay to upgrade, but just wanted other opinions.

      Thanks in advance.