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    executeSQLQuery() of the XmlViewService fails querying against S_NQ_JOB tbl


      According to the Oracle BI WS API doc, the XmlViewService's executeSQLQuery() should be able to execute any query. However, when I call it with a query against the S_NQ_JOB table, it comes back with "Unresolved table:..." error. Does executeSQLQuery() support any query or just a particular set of table in Oracle BI? Here's an excerpt of the line of code which I use to produce the error:

      QueryResults result = xmlViewService.executeSQLQuery("SELECT * FROM DEV_BIPLATFORM.S_NQ_JOB", XMLQueryOutputFormat.SAWRowsetData, new XMLQueryExecutionOptions(false, 100, true, true, "XXX"), sessionID);

      Thank you for any response.