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    Java.exe keeps its memory in Task Manager

    Malik Adeel Imtiaz
      Dear All,

      I am running EAServer 6.3.1 which uses JAVA.EXE to run its setup.

      1) My machine is windows 2008 EE 32 bit.
      2) I have 4 GB Ram on this machine.
      3) Java.exe memory settings are set to 2048 GB

      When i run EAServer 6.3.1 my java.exe memory increases to 98% and my application get crashed.

      i set my Java.exe to 3 GB by puting LARGEADDRESSAWARE switch and increased its memory to 3 GB. Now after increasing the memory of Java.exe to 3 Gb the problem remains same and my application get crashed on same 98%.

      What i noticed is JAVA.EXE is taking my system Virtual Memory and not the physical memory in starti and keep using VM. When i connected users with my application. different Java instances develop in Task Manager and when i DISCONNECT them the JAVA.EXE memory do not decreases it remains constant to 98% (please also note that total users connected are 225).

      Can you please help me in this regards.

      Special Thanks

      Adeel Imtiaz