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    High Volume Range Partitioning ORACLE 11g R2


      I'm task to reconfigure/alter the current database partitioning. The current database is already been partitioned my problem and concerns are as follow.

      1. Backup
      -How can i (the script) backup a specific table before dropping a partition.
      -How can i (the script) import it again to the table with its new partition. Is there any further issues i should consider
      before importing, given that their are new partition on the table.

      2. Partition Range Value
      -Is it possible for me to change the current partition parameters e.g name and range value. If so, a script is very helpful.

      3. Other concerns.
      -If the table is empty but its expected to expand, is it still possible to partition the said table?
      -If there is a column used as "Partitioned by", would it be possible for me to change the format/value of that column?
      e.g current format is YYMM(8 digit sequence number). my desired format is NNWW(8 digit sequence number).

      Your quick help is greatly appreciated.