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    Migration of codebase policy failed, oracle.security.jps.JpsExcept

      Hi to every one !!, I have a new problem , but this ocation is about ADF Security Setup,

      I'm using JDeveloer ( jdk 1.6.29 update1 ), I m follow the methodology described in this paper book : Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development - Made Simple by Sten E. Vesterli (Paperback - Jun 9, 2011)

      it mentioned every use case will be a independent Java Work Space (JWS), and deploy it as ADF Jar library to share in a Master Application (Master.jsw).
      I have a Model_Common and a ViewController_Common libraries (Deployed as ADF Libraries) in a shared folder. Then I create the Master Application and add the libraries (ADF Libraries for every use case), now , when I setup the security on the master application, I see 2 anonymous-role,but I do not pay importance.

      I run the master application on the JDeveloper's WebLogic Server, but I cannot see the loggin page and I can't see nothing, the browser's status bar appears as : connecting ... , waiting for ..., again , connecting ... , waiting for ..., aga. But NEVER I can connect to the loggin page.

      I see the followiing error :

      +<CodebasePolicyHandler> <migrateDeploymentPolicies> Migration of codebase policy failed. Reason: oracle.security.jps.JpsException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException.+
      +<AppPolicyHandler> <migrateAppPolicies> Migration of application policy failed. Reason: oracle.security.jps.JpsException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException.+

      I tried the following solution suggest into this forum (remove the anoymous-role from jazn.xml ) : Re: Login page not opening in app based on UI Shell , but the problem persist.

      How can I solve this problem ??? I need it urgently.