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    AIA Error Notifications


      I am using AIA 3.0 on a clustered SOA suite.

      WebLogic Server Version:
      This is connected to our Active Directory system for users and passwords.

      I am trying to work out how the AIA Error notification works.

      I can log into https://devsoa.imperial.ac.uk/AIA as the weblogic user, and browse to Setup. On the Error Notification screen there is a column titled ‘Role’. From what I understand this is where we type in the name of the role.

      I can log into https://devsoa.imperial.ac.uk/sdpmessaging/userprefs-ui using my AD username and password. I can confirm that my business Email is there and is set as default.

      I can also log into https://devsoa.imperial.ac.uk/integration/worklistapp/ using my AD username and password.

      So what I need to do is associate the ‘Roles’ in the AIA app with my username.

      The documentation is unclear on how to do this (or I haven’t found the right point in the docs yet)

      I can get the weblogic console here https://devsoa.imperial.ac.uk/console/ and log in using the weblogic user.

      I need to know how to do the following:
      + Find a list of valid values I can enter into the Roles setting in the App
      + Add a new Role
      + Associate my Active Directory user with this role.

      Does anyone know how these tasks can be done?