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    IMAP \FLAGGED and Outlook client

      I import messages from an exchange server (2000) via the IMAP protocol and I can read, move, delete or flag message.

      But if I can see a the flag "\FLAGGED" with Thunderbird I do not see it with Outlook 2010 that does not use IMAP!

      Is there a way to read and update the Outlook flag (today, tomorrow, this week ...) and Outlook Categories ?

      The goal is to alert the user that Outlook message has been imported into a database.

      Thanks for help
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          Here's what I would do:

          (1) Create a message in Outlook without any of those flags.

          (2) Use JavaMail to read it via IMAP and save it (in such a way that you can look at its structure).

          (3) Apply one of those Outlook flags to the message.

          (4) Repeat step 2 and see what changed.