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    using a window manager in x11 to create Desktop / taskbar

    Peter Quiring
      Is there anyway to create JFrame's that work with the window manager (such as openbox) to create Desktop and Taskbar elements.

      I'd like to see some Swing objects to help work with the window manager.

      JDesktop - a panel like element to draw the wallpaper and place desktop icons.
      this needs to set XChangeProperty( NET_WM_TYPE_DESKTOP)

      JTaskBar - a panel to add a menu, show active windows and system tray.
      needs to provide functions to query active windows and system tray items and allow user to create them as desired with some sort of callbacks to update them.

      This is not to create a window manager but to work with one that already exists.


      I've seen jd4x but it's too complex to use.