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    [BUG] NUMBER(38) to BigInteger mapping error. JDev

      When I try to update value in af:table, popup error says "Invalid column type" (in WL logs - "java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column type")
      Though SELECT succeeds, i.e. I can see table's data

      *[EDIT]* This is not bug from, attribute type is java.math.BigInteger, not just BigInteger *[EDIT]*

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. table
      CREATE TABLE anm_tmp( i NUMBER(38) PRIMARY KEY );
         INSERT INTO anm_tmp( i ) VALUES( 1 );
         INSERT INTO anm_tmp( i ) VALUES( 2 );
      2. create "Business Component from Tables"

      3. create single page, add af:table, add commit button

      change attribute's type to BigDecimal or Integer (open entity object, go to "Attributes" tab, "Details" tab)

      1. Is this really a bug, or I've missed smth ?
      2. Should I choose BigDecimal or Integer (or smth else) ?

      *[EDIT 2]*
      Configuration: <pre>
      CPU: Intel E5300
      OS: Windows 7 (x32)
      build: JDEVADF_11.
      Java: 1.6.0_24
      Oracle IDE:

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