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    Really simple Site Studio question

      So, this is an embarassingly simple Site Studio question, that I just can't seem to work out.

      We have a Content Server with houses three Site Studio websites created in 10gR4. I want to add another one, but I cannot figure out how to add it.

      Do I just create a new Project file manually, or is there a way using the Web Client or Site Studio designer?


      BTW - I have been through both the Site Studio manual and course notes, and cannot find a reference of how to do this. I know I am missing something.

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          ryan sullivan2
          You can use the Site Studio Designer for this.

          Open Designer, from the Site Connection Manager click "Edit" at the bottom, from the Site Connection Details page, enter the Server Cgi URL & click "Connect", Click "New" & you're on your way.

          Also, please do review the Site Studio documentation. This process is detailed quite well in there & they have a number of side notes that might assist in some of the post-install configurations. Let me know if you don't have the URL and I'll post it up here straight away!

          Let me know if this works out for you and answers your question! :)

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            Hi Ryan

            Thanks very much for the answer. That is exactly what I was looking for.

            I went back to the Doco - Site Studio Designers Guide. I was looking in in Chapter 6 - "Designing your website". There is no mention of the creation process in there.

            I'm obviously looking in the wrong place. I would be grateful if you could point me at the right location

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              ryan sullivan2
              Awesome, Alec, that's great to hear.

              Here's a link to the SS Designer chapter seven: Creating Your Website


              I've always preferred to d/l the entire Fusion documentation library so I can more-easily search through multiple pdf files. That also allows for easily opening each of the docs as a pdf instead of browsing them as per-chapter HTML files, which can prohibit searching (I personally don't have much luck when using the oracle document library search feature...)

              Good luck!