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    Siebel Tablet Compatibility

      Greetings Siebel experts,

      At this time, the version of Siebel that we use is version 7.8 and is currently not compatible with any other web browser except for IE 7 and IE8. We are looking to go mobile and my question would be is there any plug in or a way to use Siebel on a tablet and if not, will there be an update to allow this?

      Thanks in advance. :)
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          Check if document below provides any insight about your question:



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            Hi Wilson

            thanks for this valuable document, didn't know of it yet.

            Hi user 900736 (how hard is it to type a nickname?)

            Additionally, from what I know you have the following possibilities:

            * check out Mobile Edge from iEnterprises for Ipad
            * check out ORACLE's Mobile Sales Assistant for Ipad
            * wait for Siebel OpenUI
            * wait for any other ORACLE Mobile solution which might be coming for Android and/or IOS devices (I read something of rich disconnected clients).

            at the moment the market is little, but this seems to change (at least I hope).

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              Well, has anyone tried Standard Interactivity?
              That should work with more browsers, as you don't need ActiveX.
              But you will need a data connection.
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                correct, but the problem is that anyone you are showing the SI Siebel application on an up-to-date Android or IOS tablet will just laugh at you. It's too far away from today's web technologies and I doubt anyone would ever use it.
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                  Thank you for all your input. It appears that either way we go it will cost the company additional money which is something that may not be in the budget right now.

                  However I did find an interesting app for the iPad/iPhone that I may look test and look into.


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                    Another possibility is using Siebel Wireless, check doc ID 475474.1 on support.oracle.com, it indicates siebel wireless has been tested with iphone and android browsers. Below is a link to wireless admin guide for 7.8/7.5:


                    Thank you,

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                      yes, Wireless should work, too. But as with the SI client, it just doesn't look sexy :-)

                      Mike, if you have gained any experience with Mobile Edge I'd be happy to hear your opinion about it.
                      Maybe you can keep us up-to-date in the forum...


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                        Ok, last try. I have found a white paper in Doc ID 1090844.1 on support.oracle.com. It describes usage of Siebel REST API to integrate with an iPad. However, from what I have found so far it has been released as a patch for 8.1.1.x., not sure if it is available for 7.8.x. This is something you may want to verify with support or your contact at Oracle.

                        Hope it helps,

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                          excellent document, thanks for the link. I wonder why I've never stumbled over it since it was already released a long time ago !!
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                            The company I consult for used Siebel SI. SI for 8.1 is actually not bad. I suggest you have a second look if you have only seen the 7.8 version.

                            That said, I also found that web-based apps just aren't as enticing as native apps. No matter how fast the data connection is, there is always still a lag in repainting the screens. I have tried using iQTouch to spice up Siebel Wireless, but it still wasn't slick enough for me.

                            A partner and I created a native iPhone app: http://wentari.blogspot.ca/2012/02/ropefree-iphone-app-for-siebel-release.html . You can check out the video and there's a link to the app store.

                            We did this in our spare time. If there is demand, we may take it further. What makes our approach interesting is that the app does not require any back end integration. I looked at using the REST API but that required setting up a Weblogic instance.

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                              I should mention there is also a free version for those who want to try this out: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/ropefree-crm-lite-for-siebel/id509429658?mt=8
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                                great, thanks for sharing!