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    [ASK] Hardware sizing for FAH and GL Implementation

      Hi All,

      I'm wondering how to determine the best hardware sizing for implementing Oracle FAH (Financial Accounting Hub) and GL module.
      Our conditions :
      1. we have around 7 legacy system that will be integrated in Oracle EBS, and one the source system may have million of daily accrual transactions (debit and credit transaction, totally 8 millions rows).
      2. all source system will generate textfile daily and put in the FTP server where Oracle EBS will take the textfile from that server and upload into FAH before the journal transfer in to GL Ledger.
      3. Processing step that will be done (end to end process) :
      - File Processing (validating the textfile, upload the textfile into temporary table)
      - Pre Processing (mapping, validating from temporary table and inserting into interface table for FAH). In this process, we will do summarization from 8 millions become 100K based on COA Segment
      - Create event program for FAH
      - Create accounting
      - Transfer to GL
      - Posting in GL

      Our estimation regarding the hardware
      1. apps server -> SUN (T4 series)
      - CPU : 16 cores ( 2x 8cores)
      - Memory : 64GB
      - HDD : 2 x 300GB
      2. database server --> SUN (between M5000 or M8000 series)
      - CPU : 16 Cores (4 x 4cores)
      - Memory : 96GB DDR3
      - HDD : 4 x 300 GB

      So, if we have conditions and processing requirements above what is the best hardware sizing ? Is our estimation is already enough for processing bulky transactions ?
      Based on processing above, we predict that create accounting program will need more resources.

      Thanks for any comment or suggestions
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          Our system almost same as yours but with more million records than yours

          I believe your Apps server pretty mch strong, We have 2 apps server with PCP enable option with 16 Gb RAM each server and all okey.For db use RAC db if its possible. Our each db server has 30 Core(30x2) and also 120GB each db(60 GB for SGA 50 Gb for parallel job and other for OS).

          For your issue you can check some benchmark but its better to take support from oracle or you can start with current settings than upgrade them

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            Kashif M
            Please refer link & you will find a Questionnaire for Oracle E-Business suite...

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              Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
              Please see these links.