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    how to get record set out with two parameter input as integer

      Hi All,

      i have a oracle function which is as follows

      Function email_list ( a_count in number, b_count in number ) return varchar2

      its return email list based on value ...

      return (peo_email_list);

      Now i have another procedure as below.... where i am calling my function

      Procedure sp_invoice_email_notification(p_nam_inv_count in number , p_latam_inv_count in number , p_email_list out refcursor);

      open p_email_list
      select email_list (1,0) from dual ;

      now in vbscript

      i am having

      With objCmd
      .ActiveConnection = objConn
      .CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
      .CommandText = "REMSI.pk_evs_interface.sp_invoice_email_notification"
      .Parameters.Append objCmdTrans.CreateParameter("p_nam_inv_count", adinteger, adParamInput, 20, snam_count)
      .Parameters.Append objCmdTrans.CreateParameter("p_latam_inv_count", adinteger, adParamInput, 20, slatam_count)
      Set objRs1= objCmd.Execute
      End With

      While not objRs1.eof

      speo_email = objRs1("peo_email")



      here i am not getting any value .. and script is stuck .. please guide me how to get the function return value based on the parameter..