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      • 15. Re: Java applets and Apache
        Hmm, this looks ok.

        Other things to try:

        1. Wireshark
        Read http://wiki.wireshark.org/CaptureSetup/Loopback about sniffing localhost.
        In short - you may try to setup your apache on real IP address (your system likely have one besides localhost).

        2. Get same headers from java program. See http://www.roseindia.net/java/java-get-example/http-headers.shtml for example.

        Make sure to clear deployment cache and enable full trace before you do 1 (run javaws -uninstall or use java control panel).
        • 16. Re: Java applets and Apache
          So I wound up expanding my troubleshooting yesterday and wound up tracking down the actual source of the problem. It's actually a client side issue (in this case, the client and server are on the same machine). For whatever reason, it wont execute the applet. I confirmed this by accessing the page from another machine on my network where it executed the applet perfectly fine.

          I do appreciate all of your time and I apologize that I "barked up the wrong tree" so to speak. Thanks again.
          • 17. Re: Java applets and Apache
            Hmm, i do not understand this.
            You provided trace log files, they are generated from attempt to launch applet.

            Compare trace for successful launch from other system to see how trace looks when things are actually getting loaded.

            And try running some sample applets from the Web on system that has problems - does it work?
            If it is client issue then i'd assume none of applets will work?
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