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    How create mail alert without triggering the event.

    Raju Madari
      1.     SR 3-4924626351: How create mail alert without triggering the event.
      We wanted to send alert mail every 10 days or 15 days or 1 month to a reporting manager of Opportunity Owner with details of that Opportunity. I don’t want to use any triggering of event like the Following. When new opportunity is created When modified Opportunity is saved etc.
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          royston goveia

          If you don't want to use the triggering event, you will have to do this manually.

          - Create a Web Link on the SR with and embed the mailto: function with the receivers email and subject and body embedded in the url (you can find this link on Google)
          - When this link is clicked, an email window will open with all the details you provide, and you can click the send button to send the email.
          - You will have to do this manually every 10-15 days or whatever is the duration

          - Create a time based workflow on a new Opportunity Created event
          - create a action to send an email notification to the concerned person (details in the workflow properties)
          - This workflow will auto send an email every 10-15 days to the opportunity Manager.

          The time based workflow is the best option I see. Do you see any issue/ concerns with auto generated emails?

          Hope this helps!