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    Exadata vs Netezza + physical summaries


      We have 1 data warehouse where largest central fact table over 4bn rows and could have others in future grow to 7bn + and thus require physical summaries/mviews based on this fact table to satisfy report performance criteria.

      Weare considering exadata and netezza ( in addition to sap hana and sysbase iq) with a view that we could have a more flexible reporting and quicker reporting environment and quicker/more real-time ETL.

      Does anyone have expereince with exadata in particular and if it can really eliminate the need for physical summaries?

      Have heard is on avergae 10x quciker than oracle 11g r2 database - current warehouse.

      Would be looking for far greater performance than this in oredr to elimiate summaries from reporting.

      Netezza are stressing summaries are not required due to sheer speed - though would need to see both in practice to determine if this theory is backed up in practice

      Any advice/thoughts?