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    9i to Oracle Database 11g EE Release 11.2 MSDORA.1 problems

      Hi all
      first of all do not ask me why we use MSDORA.1 :) we just have to for now.
      We have we migrate from 9i to Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release and got one problem.

      In app we have two schema, lets say A and B.
      When user log in application there is command line:
      "ALTER SESSION SET CURRENT_SCHEMA=" + DBOwner; DBowner will say is it A or B schema depends on some app logic.
      I debug this and saw that DBowner get right value.

      When DBOwner is A : system works fine.

      When DBOwner is B :
      In business logic when we call
      command = "select * from some_table" we get right data but
      when we call store procedure "get_some_data" we get message in exception like
      not data found at A.get_some_data bla bla

      Is it possible that MSDORA.1 create this problem?
      Any idea what could be?
      Any one get something like this scenario?
      Maybe privileges are not right?

      Thank you for your time, sorry if my eng is not the best one and sorry if this text do not give you enough information.