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    HContainer background color

      can anyone tell me how to set background color for HContainer .I used hcontainer.setBackground method but it is not filling color.(urgent)
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          Try this:

          (See more the topic: HContainer problem, Xlet
          at HContainer problem, Xlet

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            Thanks for your valuable reply.

            For HContainer there is no seBackgroundMode ,I saw the thread ,this is helpful but actually there will be nested containers and components inside the container and also there can be the background color of the hcontainer or there can be an image as background . the problem was very urgent for me so at that time to solve this I added a HGraphicButton which will be added after adding all the components on the hcontainer having the same bounds as hcontainer ,which will work as background .It is working well .But I don't know how long it will work .Is this the right way to do the things?
            one more problem I am facing ,when I focus a component, the focus rectangle comes inside the component having some insets but I needed this outside the component .can you please tell me how to do this ?