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    Data Loader inserting duplicate records


      There is an import that we need to run everyday in order to load data from another system into CRM On Demand . I have set up a data loader script which is scheduled to run every morning. The script should perform insert operation.
      Every morning a file with new insert data is available in the same location(generated by someone else) & same name. The data loader script must insert all records in it.

      One morning , there was a problem in the other job and a new file was not produced. When the data loader script ran , it found the old file and re-inserted the records (there were 3 in file). I had specified the -duplicatecheckoption parameter as the external id, since the records come from another system, but I came to know that the option works in the case of update operations only.

      How can a situation like this handled in future? The external id should be checked for duplicates before the insert operation is performed. If we cant check on the data loader side, is it possible to somehow specify the field as 'unique' in the UI so that there is an error if a duplicate record is inserted? Please suggest.