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    Reports goint to Posting

      Hi guys,

      In our peoplesoft enviorment, reports are going to posting status. You may consider the peoplesoft instance name as "AAA" . However, the message log for the process (going to posted status) shows:

      HTTP Status Code is: 902 (63,7 2)
      Error: Unable to process HTTP response from "BBB"

      Please note here: My Peoplesoft instance name is "AAA" but the message log says the instance name as " BBB".

      Also, " BBB" is no real instance among all peoplesoft instances which we have.

      This is a newly built instance. So reports never went to posted the first time.

      The distribution agent log also does'nt gives any much information. It just points to "check the url in the report node is valid".

      Also, here are the few more things which might help in getting to the cause:-

      1) Report Node is correct. It is "http" enabled as of now. And we are using FTP for transfer.
      2) Reports are going to the report repository. But the communication backward isint happening which I believe is causing the report posting issue. Also, we use same unix user id for other environments which works absolutely fine
      3) We are using 'PS'-super for bringing up the process scheduler
      4) Report repository path in configuration.properties is correct.
      5) Web profile name is correctly defined in config.properties.( Infact config.properties looks fine to me)
      6) Default node is trusted.
      7)PIA login works fine without any issues

      I think there could be some issues in files on web server (which have entries of "BBB" instance instead of "AAA" which is causing the issue)

      Could anybody help me in getting to the root cause?

      Also I did be grateful if someone could let me know how the web server communicates back to the process scheduler about the successful post of reports on report repository? And what files are generally involved..?

      Here are some other details:-
      Tools -> 8.52
      App> 9.1
      Linux application server and linux web server (Both on same physical server)
      Db also on linux


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