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    Error starting essbase

      I am installing hyperion in two machine:
      Machine 1.
      In this machine I installed Foundation and I have started all the service without problem.

      Machine 2.
      In this machine I installed Essbase but when I try to start the essbase service the sentence show a message error:

      Starting Essbase.properties
      Cannot write on the specified log file. Make sure the path exists and you have write permissions.
      Finish Essbase.properties

      In this machine I have two users, the user oracle for the rdbms database, and the user weblogic for the essbase database.

      Do you have some idea about the folder with the problem? The oraInventory is ok.

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          Is it unix or windows environment, please make sure the admin id should have administrator privilizes, if it's unix, chmod 777 to Essbase complete folder/files.

          I am not sure how you configured essbase, is shared services user given correctly...if its windows server try to reboot the server then start & chk the logs