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    nested views


      We currently use Tuxedo 6.5 on an iSeries to expose COBOL programs as Tuxedo services. One the things that Tuxedo 11g provides are nested views which if I understand it correctly, would simplify our development a great deal.

      EDIT: I've already gone through the documentation regarding nested views (what I was able to find). The "What's new" link regarding nested views takes you to this link, link . This page is focused on Typed Buffers when working with C, but further down it mentions the viewc compiler and how to generate COBOL copies so that kind of confused me.

      Anyway, our COBOL routines can have complex structures on the COBOL copies (input/output messages). The COBOL copies can have multiple nested levels with occurs. For example:
      05 LEVEL05.                                
          10 LEVEL101 PIC X(1).            
          10 LEVEL102 PIC X(1).                    
          10 LEVEL103 OCCURS 5 TIMES.             
              15 LEVEL1031 PIC X(1).        
              15 LEVEL1032 PIC X(1).
              15 LEVEL1033 PIC X(1).
              15 LEVEL1034 PIC X(1).      
              15 LEVEL1035 OCCURS 5 TIMES.                    
                  20 LEVEL10351 PIC X(1).               
                  20 LEVEL10352 PIC X(1).             
                  20 LEVEL10353 PIC X(1).
      We currently use independent VIEW files. The problem we always had is that VIEW files never allowed us to create such complex structures.
      In order to bypass this limitation, we create custom programs that can map from the native Tuxedo COBOL copy file (viewc output files) to our application copy files.

      What I'm assuming is that with the nested views feature I could create a VIEW file as follows:
      VIEW LEVEL1035
      # type  cname        fbname    count    flag    size    null
      # ----  -----        ------    -----    ----    ----    ----
      string    LEVEL10351    -        1        -        1        ""
      string    LEVEL10352    -        1        -        1        ""
      string    LEVEL10353    -        1        -        1        ""
      VIEW LEVEL103
      # type  cname        fbname    count    flag    size    null
      # ----  -----        ------    -----    ----    ----    ----
      string    LEVEL1031    -        1        -        1        ""
      string    LEVEL1032    -        1        -        1        ""
      string    LEVEL1033    -        1        -        1        ""
      string    LEVEL1034    -        1        -        1        ""
      struct    LEVEL1035    -        5        -        -        0
      VIEW LEVEL05
      # type  cname        fbname    count    flag    size    null
      # ----  -----        ------    -----    ----    ----    ----
      string  LEVEL101    -        1        -        1        ""
      string  LEVEL102    -        1        -        1        ""
      struct  LEVEL103    -        5        -        -        0
      Would the Tuxedo 11g upgrade helps us with this?

      Would we be able to define a VIEW file, then compile it with VIEWC and generate a COBOL copy file as the example above?

      Would the same view compiled with WTC viewj.class generate the Java source files also?

      Thanks for your help...

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          Please if someone could help me out with this, we're considering upgrading to Tuxedo 11g but we needs to know about these features.

          Thanks for your help
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            Todd Little-Oracle

            Tuxedo 11g has partial support for nested views, i.e., VIEW32 buffers as fields in VIEW32 buffers. The viewc compiler should generate the appropriate view files. If it doesn't, please raise a support request with Oracle Customer Support.

            Unfortunately WTC has not been updated yet to support nested VIEW32 structures. This is currently planned for the Tuxedo 12c release scheduled for sometime next summer.

            Todd Little
            Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect

            PS If you are willing to beta test the support for nested VIEW32 buffers in WTC, please email me at todd dot little at oracle dot com.
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              Thanks Todd

              Is Tuxedo 12c going to be available for IBM iSeries (i5/OS) ?

              Thanks again!

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                Quick question on Tuxedo 12c / WLS 12c

                Does WLS 12c include the an updated WTC connector with support for nested views on VIEWJ compiler or will it be included on a WLS 12c update as soon as Tuxedo 12c is out?


                EDIT: As you mentioned, I tested nested views on WLS 12c VIEWJ compiler and it does not work.

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                  Todd Little-Oracle

                  The update to WTC should occur in an update to WLS that occurs around the same time as the release of Tuxedo 12c. Again, this is just our plan and not a commitment.

                  Todd Little
                  Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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                    Is Tuxedo 12c going to be available on the iSeries (i5/OS)?

                    EDIT: Tuxedo support for the AS/400 was dropped after version 6.5. We obviously are afraid the same thing could happen with Tuxedo 12c. Since tuxedo 12c is due next summer, we'd think Oracle would have a list of supported platforms no?
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                      Sorry to bump this thread but we have to upgrade soon to Tuxedo 11g or Tuxedo 12c for IBM i 6.1, we presently are on Tuxedo 6.5 for iSeries V5R4

                      Thing is that in the supported platforms data sheet for Tuxedo 12c, IBM i 6.1 is not shown whereas on the previous Tuxedo 10g/11g there was explicit platform support:

                      Tuxedo 10g

                      Tuxedo 11g

                      Tuxedo 12c

                      At the same time, there is an installation document for Tuxedo 12c on IBM i 6.1 here:


                      Does this mean that there will be a post release certification of Tuxedo 12c for IBM i 6.1 ? If so, do you know when?

                      Thank you for your help.
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                        Jared Li-Oracle
                        Tuxedo 12c doesn't support IBM i for now. If it is business needs, you can create a request to Oracle support then the request will be evaluated.