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    tmshutdown -y hangs..


      While I do tmshutdown -y after a day or couple of days it hangs on TMQUEUE shutdown and never comes back. And if this is forcefully killed BBL and DBBL will not shutdown saying that some client stilll might be connected.

      while monitoring this for some days I have figured out the problem with shutdown starts when there are following messages in the log.

      055101.uskcam03!scmqforwardsrv.22229196.1.0: INFO: (scmqforwardsrv.c, line: 400): Waited 64 seconds before trying to (re)connect to qspace:sendto, queue:ServProv3

      055207.uskcam03!scmqforwardsrv.22229196.1.0: ERROR: (scmqforwardsrv.c, line: 366): LIBTRAN_CAT:0850: ERROR: [TR_16838] Unable to commit transaction
      055207.uskcam03!scmqforwardsrv.22229196.1.0: ERROR: (scmqforwardsrv.c, line: 375): LIBTRAN_CAT:0840: ERROR: [TR_16838] Unable to rollback transaction

      For resolution i need to do tmipcrm, kill BBL and DBBL and then boot again. it will work great for some time and this problem is consistent and come back every other day.

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