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    Time drift detected. Please check VKTM trace file for more details

      Running on windows 64 bit virtualized..

      VKTM, oracles virtual keeper of time is throwing a lot of warnings in the alert log. According to my research this is not a great concern (if someone could explain why that would be great as well) but you should be able to supress the trace file if you are at by setting event = "10795 trace name context forever, level 2" in the the paramater file. I am using a spfile and did not use "alter system", i cretaed pfile and edited it , opened with it and created a new spfile then opened with that. I am however still receiving the trace files and the messages in the alert log, I am getting approximately 10 a day now so the alert log is filling rather quickly. Has anyone else encountered this or have any advice on how to solve this? Thanks