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    problem with label volume

      Hi everyone,

      i have an issue when i try to label o re-label a tape. I've an environment test with Linux and Adic Scalar Fastor 2 tape library.

      the some setup parameters are as follow:

      ob> lsdev --long
      Device type: library
      Model: [none]
      Serial number: 9Z1955523
      In service: yes
      Debug mode: no
      Barcode reader: default (hardware-selected)
      Barcodes required: no
      Auto clean: no
      Clean interval: (not set)
      Clean using emptiest: no
      Unload required: yes
      Ejection type: auto
      Min writable volumes: 0
      UUID: 7916dc30-07b4-102f-88c1-001109ddf333
      Attachment 1:
      Host: test_env
      Raw device: /dev/sg0
      Device type: tape
      Model: [none]
      Serial number: HUL5D10!1!
      In service: yes
      Library: tst_lib
      DTE: 1
      Automount: yes
      Error rate: 8
      Query frequency: [undetermined]
      Debug mode: no
      Blocking factor: (default)
      Max blocking factor: (default)
      Current tape: [unknown]
      Use list: all
      Drive usage: 20 seconds
      Cleaning required: no
      UUID: 67dcd4aa-07b5-102f-88c1-001109ddf333
      Attachment 1:
      Host: test_env
      Raw device: /dev/sg1

      ob> vfylibs -a -v

      collecting dte info...
      library tst_lib ...
      dte 1: tst_drive (sn HUL5D10111)

      verifying dte definitions against drive objects...
      library tst_lib ...
      dte 1 tst_drive (sn HUL5D10111) ...
      attach point test_env:/dev/sg1 ...
      id matches

      No errors encountered verifying configuration.

      The error that show is:

      ob> labelvol -D tst_drive barcode A00042 obtaropt -Xfam:DAILY 6
      Error: write failed: command aborted (OB scsi device driver)

      ob> labelvol -D tst_drive barcode A00043 obtaropt -Xfam:DAILY 5
      Error: write failed: command aborted (OB scsi device driver)

      From the server, SCSI devices are detected

      [root@test_env dev]# sg_map -i -x
      /dev/sg0 0 0 0 0 8 ADIC FastStor 2 G12r
      /dev/sg1 0 0 5 0 1 /dev/nst0 HP Ultrium 2-SCSI F67A
      [root@test_env dev]#

      Could anybody to help me? do you think is a HW problem?

      Thanks in advance,