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    Javafx 1.3.1 on MAC osX doesnt work

      Hello Oracle,

      our Company develop a javafx-applet (www.persoware.de\persowareExp\Persoware.html). Under Windows, we haven't any problems to start the application or work with it. But now, we have customers with Mac osX Snow Leopard or Lion. They have the act. java version from apple and the act. safari browser.

      The problem is, the most time, the applet doesn't start. Often, we see the circle and the progress bar, but if the progressbar arrive 100%, the GUI of the applet doesn't start. Additional, we dont see any errors in the java console.

      So what can we do, that the applet work on mac ? Or what can we do to find out the errors or the problems?

      With kind regards

      Christoph Maier

      P.S Sry, for the wrong place to post this thread. Please move it ...

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            JavaFX 1.3.1 (and as a matter of fact all JavaFX 1.x releases) is no longer supported by Oracle

            Oracle announced back in October 2010 that we were discontinuing support for JavaFX Script (aka the foundation for JavaFX 1x). We have kept the different JavaFX 1.x releases available while JavaFX 2.0 was being developed and we have strongly encouraged developers of JavaFX 1.x applications to migrate their applications to JavaFX 2.0, which has been in public Beta since May 2011.

            If you haven't migrated your application to JavaFX 2.0 yet, you should get started immediately, as Oracle will not make available JavaFX 1.x forever. As a matter of fact, we plan to clarify the End Of Life (EOL) schedule for JavaFX 1.x in the next few months. As a warning, you should know that because the the JavaFX 1.x Runtime is deployed over jnlp from an Oracle server, the day we shut down that server, any JavaFX 1.x application will no longer work (except for those PCs that have a copy of the runtime 'installed' in the Java cache).

            The JavaFX Product Team
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              What is Oracle's recommendation for companies that have large codebases written in JavaFX Script? I remember watching a UTube video in which Larry fully supported the then newly purchased JavaFX language. Is FXTranslator going to be resurrected? Perhaps it could aim for Java 8 which would be a better fit. Alternatively perhaps Oracle could provide some support for Visage.

              I don't think Oracle has ever left programmers with nowhere to go before. That's part of the reason Oracle is so trusted by business. Imagine if there was no translator from Oracle Forms 2.3 to Oracle Forms 3.0!

              - Chris Murphy.
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                We know, that we should migrate soon, but our problem is now, that we dont have the time. Over chrismas and new year, our customer will test the software (unfavorable on a osX -system) and at the moment, it dont work very well and we don't know why.

                Had no one have any problem on a mac-system ? Is it possible, that javafx dont work with the mac-java?
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                  @Chris: products that Oracle supports are typically available with a support offering. Such a support offering is available as of JavaFX 2.0.2, but was not available for earlier versions.

                  In any case, Oracle is not aware of any company that have large code bases developed with JavaFX Script, that have not yet started to port their applications to JavaFX 2.0. I'll be more than happy to talk to you and discuss how to best address your specific challenges. You can contact me at javafx4you (at) sun (dot) com