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    Deleting ruleset in content group not reflecting on storefront

      We have a content group with a product set in it. Its working fine a product on storefornt.
      We are trying to delete the ruleset so that no product should appear in the storefornt.
      We deleted the ruleset and deployed the project. But, still the product is displayed in the storefront.
      We checked the .properties file of the CG and it has no ruleset.
      We checked the CG component in the prod dyn/admin. But the 'rules' property of the CG has the previous rule still set in it.

      Now we restarted the prod server. The product now doesn't appear in the storefront and the rules property in the CG is set to null as well.

      Why is it that the CG doesn't reflect changes when we empty the rules in CG and deploy it?