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    unable to get journalizing data from dbms table using cdc in odi


      I need information on change data capture in oracle data integrator, when i am using change data capture in my project,
      i follow like this steps.

      1)creating a table in DBMS.
      2)inserting records in same table.
      3)after that i create a data model for the rdbms tables.
      4)after reversing of the metadata , i get all the data stores.
      5)after getting of the datamodel.
      6)i added required datamodel to cdc.
      6)after that i insert/modify one record in db table.
      7)next step i am starting journal.
      8)when this step i am not get any subsrciber list.
      9)i am getting sunopsis but it is displaying leftsde box.
      10)even though i select that and start journal.
      11)when i check in operater it shows excuted sucesssully.
      12)but when i am checking journalized data its not showing any data.
      13)even though i import jkm oraclesample and configured in respective datamodel.
      14)after that i start creting interface and i click the journalized data, it excutes, but it not getting any data.

      kindly send answers.