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    Siebel Integration help.

    ramesh thota
      Hi all Oracle forum users,

      I am new to Siebel Integration(EAI). Plz help me to Integrate Siebel CRM with Oracle BRM through middleware Oracle SOA.

      For integration process Siebel Sample setup environment (Siebel WebClient, Siebel Tools and Siebel Sample Database) is enough? or it requires Server Setup.

      If server setup requires plz tell me which server components i need to enable in siebel server for Integration.

      For JMS transport mechanism, JMS configuration is required in Siebel? If yes plz tell me the configuration process.

      Plz share your valuable information or suggest me the best source to clarify my doubts.

      Thanks & Regards
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          Hi Ramesh,

          Siebel client, tool and sample database should suffice to configure Siebel outbound web service. That is Siebel calling web service hosted on SOA middleware. For Siebel inbound web service (i.e. SOA middleware calling Siebel hosted web service) you need Siebel server with Siebel EAI component enabled on it.
          Please follow below link for JMS component configuration.

          Thank you,