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    Validate phone type fields by JavaScript


      I'm using JavaScript to validate some fields on Contact entity like the date of birth. Erevything is working very well. To do that we use the name of the object on the source code of the web page for example "ContactEditForm.Date of Birth". But when we try to validate the phone type fields using the same method, the JavaScript doesn't work because all of them have symbols on the name ("ContactEditForm.Fax Phone &#35", "ContactEditForm.Assistant Phone &#35", "ContactEditForm.Cellular Phone &#35"). We need to use these fields, so we can't change them. And we must validate them before the user clicks on save buttom, so we are using JavaScript on the Global Web Applets. How can we reference these exactly fields on JavaScript code to validade them on Global Web Applets? Can anybody help me?

      Thanks in advance.