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    IR - Pagination(Page) Movement

      Dear Experts,

      I have created a IR Report from where i have given a link to one of the columns. When the USer clicks on that column i open up 2nd IR Report in another Page. In the second report, also i have provided a link to one of the column which will inturn open up the third IR Report. In both the second and third IR Report i have the BAck Button to return to the previous called page.

      Issue faced.

      In the second IR report, it runs to pages and i have set 25 as the default number of rows to be displayed. Now i move to the 5th page and then invoke the link provided which inturn opens the Third IR. From ther i use the back button to return to the Second IR Report. While doing so, instead of returning back to the 5th page, it is going back to the First page of the Second IR.

      I want the back button to behave in such a way that it should return to the same page from where it was invoked..

      Thanks in advance
      Rajesh V

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