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    JRockit Mission Control 4.1 + Weblogic - Tracing Servlets


      I am analyzing my ADF application, running on WLS 10.3.5. I've set diagnostic level to HIGH. When i'm running JRMC, for my Weblogic process i see two flight recordings: WLDFDiagnosticImageRecording_DefaultDomain_DefaultServer_ and DMS. From the Events tab of the recording with only Weblogic folder selected, i see that most of the time is spent to Servlet Execute, Servlet Request Run and Servlet Invocation. At the Log tab i am selecting the Servlet* event and adding it to the opertaive set. I want to see trace of this event to see at which methods Servlet goes slow. But when i open Trace tab - i see blank screen with "Show only operative set" market. Is there is any way to view detailed trace of Servlet* events?