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      • 15. Re: Server push with Javamail: idle() blocks
        Bill Shannon-Oracle
        Sorry, I'm stumped.

        The thread dump clearly shows that the code is not stuck in any JavaMail method, so I don't know
        what happened between the "before" print and the "after" print. You're sure that thread didn't
        generate any exceptions, right? Try wrapping it all in a try/catch(Throwable).

        Any chance you can run with a debugger attached to the process and set breakpoints?
        • 16. Re: Server push with Javamail: idle() blocks
          That's it!
          I finally got it to work.

          I simply replaced the catch(Exception e) part with catch(Throwable t) which finally printed something to the console stating that idle() cannot be executed on a closed folder.
          So I added two lines of code which check if the folder is open or not. If it's closed, I open it.

          Now, server push works beautifully!
          Thank you very much for your help, Bill! (As always :-))

          (I'd treat you a beer if I could :-D)
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